Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Letter from Concerned ex-Clerc Center member & Gallaudet Alumnus

Dear Clerc Center family:

My heart goes out for Gallaudet and the wonderful people like you and students at the Clerc Center. I truly appreciate the strong points in your letter posted at I believe in what you intend to do to help restore peace and unity on the Green for the sake of Deaf & HofH children's future. Not only that, you all also have so much potential to prepare Deaf children and adolescents to academically and socially build their dream.

Now I would like to talk a little bit about my experience in research work, teaching and management under Clerc Center. I no longer work on campus, but looking back I have good and bad memories. Thus, I'm deeply concerned for the welfare of the workplace and education at the Clerc Center. This is especially because Dr. Janes Fernandes (JK) has been selected as president-designate for our reowned Gallaudet University.

While I gained admiration and respect for many people I worked with at the Clerc Center (and Gallaudet), unfortunately through times I witnessed and sensed the inharmonious campuswide climate set off by JK's administration among personnel. This occurred when JK became Director of the PCNMP, and even though when she then became Provost for Gallaudet's Academic Affairs, the aftermath of her abrupt & inadequate
administration would linger unpleasantly at the Clerc Center. My Clerc Center employment period may not be as long as many others; however, I felt the need for
the existing infrastructure to continuously recover and build up. We had to carry on with financial and program constraints, which should not have happened if more effective administrating and planning was done previously. It seemed as if we had to face a major overhaul to restore the well-being and spirit of KDES and MSSD, along with other affected areas. Some patching up, some equipment and resource replacements, and much needed planning and were done by administration only at repetitious or desperate requests. Reorganization shifted us forth and back while trying to keep up with our job. When I left, I could see that things were starting to pick up, yet, some crucial things have to be changed. Not necessarily drastically, but with full support from a fresh and enlightened leadership (unlike IKJ and JK) the Clerc Center can be a better place to breathe, work, teach, and unite. That will make an impact on the center's research projects and mission programs because they would greatly benefit from the success of this kind of collaboration.

I firmly concur with the Clerc Center's plea for unity at Gallaudet under a most desired and vibrant leadership.

Sincerely Yours,
Concerned ex-Clerc Center member & proud Gallaudet