Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Letter from Former Clerc Center Employee

Hello Clerc Center Teachers and Staff,

I had a good working experience and established good working relationships with many of students, parents, faculty members, and staff. I would have continued working few more years there if there wasn't any ambiance of negativity that I felt from the administrators and the feeling of school morale was very low for me.

After reading the letter sent by Clerc Center Teachers and Staff, I don't feel alone anymore. I read that Sunshine Fund was terminated and I was appalled and shocked. I used to manage this kind of fund for two years before handing the responsiblity to another person. This fund is so important for staff and faculty in having an atmosphere where we do care and feel good about each other. When I learned that this fund was terminated, my heart was saddened.

I do not want to go into depth and details about my experience of negativity that I had during my employment, but your letter within the rationale for calling Jane K. Fernandes resignation covers so much for the Clerc Center teachers and staff. I understand very well of having your names withheld due to the fear of reprisals, but I admire your courage in sending this letter. This letter really pushed me out of neutrality and expressed my voice at the tent city calling for the resignation of Jane K. Fernandes. After talking with few other alumnus and I learned that they also experienced very similar kind of ambiance of negativity elsewhere on the campus. Recently I talked with other alumnus who graduated from Gallaudet in the eighties, they said the ambiance were good and positive. So what happened now? Well, I now believe that this kind of negativity was really distributed downward from I King Jordan and Jane K. Fernandes.

I really feel for the students for missing out one week of school and board of trustees need to redo the process in a proper process with fairness not favoritism. Favoritism is what I suspected since from day I watched the IKJ's "blooper" action by saying "Presid......uhh...Provost" that I saw on TV in the teacher's lounge with my coworkers when President I King Jordan announced his retirement this coming Dec 31.

The school needs to be open for the students. So do Gallaudet University. I hope that the Board of Trustee will do the right thing and end this nightmare.

Since I'm not an employee at Clerc Center anymore so feel free to post my letter if you teachers and staff would like to. Even I'm not an Clerc Center employee anymore, I stand besides with you, teachers and staff. Thank you.

--A Former Clerc Center Employee & Gallaudet Alumni